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The freedom to create

Updated: Jul 23, 2019

Macarons... your options for flavors, colors, decorations and designs are endless. I'm currently opening myself up to new challenges for flavors and designs because if I'm not learning I'm not growing! Not only do I want to provide the highest quality product I also want to share my love for baking through the creative fire I have inside of me.

Ever since I saw a crème brûlée macaron, years ago, I have wanted to make one. I was given a torch as a gift and held onto it for weeks before I challenged myself to the use it. Yesterday I decided I would try a Vanilla Crème brûlée Macaron.. I laid the sugar on the cookie and ignited the torch, the sugar melted into a dark brown and it smelled like roasting marshmallows over the fire. It was beautiful, and it tasted so good!! I laid each cookie out carefully while I created a Crème brûlée topping on each of them, the process was so meditative and soothing. The results, well I couldnt stop looking at them.

Now I will move on to the next challenge and I will keep you posted with failures and successes.

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